Choosing the right bed and mattress will help you sleep better.

Choosing the right bed and mattress will help you sleep better.

For a good night's sleep you need to be resting inthe right bed and on the correct mattress. Many people are suffering sleeplessnights, aching backs and other pains simply because they haven't invested in adecent bed and mattress. Taking the time and effort to find your ideal bed andmattress by shopping with specialists like StorageBeds Direct UK is a sure step toward enjoying a perfect nights sleep.

First of all, you need to find a great bed from which to rise refreshed andreinvigorated every morning. The size of your bed is important. Nobody wants tosleep all cramped up, which is bad for your joints. Take into considerationyour size and height and, if you have one, the size and height of your spouseor partner.

If you are single, you will usually require a single bed that measures 90cm inwidth and 190cm in length, although many single people still opt for a doublebed for extra stretching space. A standard double bed measures 135cm in widthand 190cm in length, whereas a king size bed measures 150cm in width by 200cmin length. Should you really want to splash out, and have sufficient space inyour bedroom, you could invest in a super king size bed measuring 180cm inwidth by 200cm in length.

Companies like Storage Beds Direct UK have a wide range of beds with storagecompartments built into them. These are extremely practical and free up spacein your bedroom for more furnishings or a larger bed. There are also electronicadjustable beds that can be manoeuvred into different positions using a handset.These are ideal for people with mobility difficulties.

Once you have chosen the right type and size of bed it's time to decide on theall-important mattress. There are many different types of mattresses available,all with their own unique features. Modern mattresses are designed to helptackle a number of health issues by providing optimal support.

Mattresses made of latex and memory foam absorb your body weight and mouldthemselves around your body's contours, giving the exact type of support neededto prevent aching backs and painful joints. Having total support also aids yourcirculation and provides perfect comfort for an undisturbed night's sleep.Latex and memory foam mattresses also absorb motion, meaning one person'sstirring won't disrupt the other person's sleep.

Open coil mattresses feature interconnected springs and are relatively cheap.However, this type of mattress can have difficulties distributing the weight oftwo people equally. They have been superseded by new technologies like miracoilmattresses, which distribute the weight of each person equally, meaningmovement by either sleeper will not impact on the other sleeper's slumber.

Purchasing the right bed and mattress is a sound investment that can greatlyimprove your overall health and wellbeing by helping you get a good night'ssleep.

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