by Amy (virgolasvegas)
(Houston, Texas)

I am 27 years old and I have a hard time getting to sleep at night. I have tried different sleeping aides from pills to soothing tea at night for almost 6 years. With my journey I have been using Ambien. I started taking sleeping aides as I have anxiety at night and restless leg syndrome. Ambien is a stong but effective sleeping aid that is prescribed by a Doctor. This will get you to sleep in no time for 8 or more hours. However there are side effects that I have felt myself. I will tend to have conversations with people after I take the pill and will not remember that conversation at all the next day. This pill can be addicting or habit forming and the longer you take it the less effective it becomes. I would not suggest taking Ambien if you have young children as it would be hard to care for them at night on this medication. This was the most effective and best choice for myself but is not for everyone. I have found after taking Ambien for awhile now that if I am sick and take Nyquil or Tylenol PM that I get jittery. I dont know if this is because Im on Ambien or not. Sometimes a herbal tea with non caffeine will help soothe me before going to bed and eating some warm popcorn will also soothe a bit. These are some other alternatives that I have found, however these I find just relaxes you a bit not put you to sleep.

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