All About Sleep and Dreams: Why do we sleep?

All About Sleep: Your Key to a Healthy Life

Is there really much to know about sleep ?

Sometimes we think we can cut down on sleep. As we try to fulfill our daily responsibilities we have valid reasons for not getting adequate sleep. I used to think that I could get away which such a habit.

I used to think that sleep is just a "time out" period when the body and brain rest. Actually, sleep is far more important than you may realize. Read on to find out what I discovered about how to sleep well.

What is there to know about sleep?

Sleep is a state of rest which is mental and physical. It is a state where the person becomes unaware of the environment and is inactive. In this state mammals and humans are detached from their immediate environment and cannot respond to most external stimuli.

Some of the characteristics of sleep are an increase in body temperature, breathing, blood pressure, and most body functions are suspended. It should be noted though that thereis one organ in the body that never decreases in activity. Research shows that the brain is always active, whether the body is asleep or not. Talk about a full time job.

What would happen if you don't sleep?

Have you ever pulled an “all nighter”? What happens during day? In case you have not pulled one, let me tell you. You become groggy, grumpy, irritable, and forgetful. You know why? Because lack of sleep affects your brain’s ability to function and your body becomes strained.

Let’s just imagine that you then continue without sleep. Your brain will start a riot. The part of your brain that controls language, memory, planning, and sense of time, begins to shut down. Research shows that 17 hours of wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance in humans.

This is a concept called Sleep Deprivation. Sleep Deprivation is a very dangerous state, as it would become very difficult to concentrate on doing anything. And it could even lead to accidents. Why? Let me explain.

When you sleep the body produces valuable hormones. Whenever you sleep deep the body releases a growth hormone. This hormone is very important to the body especially in children. It helps both adults and children build muscle mass and repair cells and tissues. The body also releases another hormone that helps fight various infections during deep sleep. This goes to show that sleep is very important to living beings, especially during sickness.

You should also create the right sleeping environment. Clean sheets and of course comfy pillows. You also have to make the right choice in mattresses. See Mattresses Reviews here.

These hormones released during sleep affect how the body uses energy. Studies show that the less people sleep, the more they become overweight, and they can even develop diabetes. They begin to develop a taste for foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates.

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