Will an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Stop My Snoring?

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Will an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Stop My Snoring?

If you have a snoring problem or worse, a partner with asnoring problem, an anti-snoringmouthpiece might be just the heaven-sent you are looking for. 

Whether it’s you who are concerned about yoursnoring, constantly waking your partner up (or even if you’re so loud you’rewaking yourself up) or if you just want a good night’s sleep without yourspouse keeping you up all night with their incessant snoring, you owe it toyourself and your spouse to try one of the most effective and cheapest snoringsolutions on the market today: the anti-snoringmouthpiece.

What Is Snoring?

Before we learn how the mouthpiece for snoring works to stopsnoring from occurring, it’s important that we learn how and why snoring occursin the first place. 

Snoring is a veryserious sleep disorder that affects almost one-third of the world.  Not only is it frustrating and embarrassing,it is also a potential sign of a deadly sleep disorder known as Sleep Apnea.

Snoring is caused by the turbulent airflow rushing throughthe tissues of the nose and throat causing them to vibrate due to the sheerforce of the air.  This tissue of thenose and throat causes partial obstruction to the upper airways which restbehind the tongue. 

During our wakinghours, our muscles are alive with tension, ready to take on the world, leavingthese tissues in proper breathing position. Our breathing passageways are unobstructed since our mind issubconsciously keeping our body breathing. 

But once we fall asleep, our bodies relax.  And in the lying down position (particularlyon one’s back), the muscles relax, causing the obstruction through which we struggleto breathe at night. 

This air rushingthrough the narrow opening the relaxed tissue causes makes vibrations whichgives voice to the characteristic night calls of the snorer. 

And we all know what happens next: it seemsthe snorer sleeps right through their own noise while the silent victim is leftto suffer, lying awake in the bed next to their loud, rude sleepingpartner.  Until now.

The Anti snoring Mouthpiece

Medically known as a mandibular advancement device, the mouthpieceto stop snoringhas been proven to be effective on 80% of all snorers who tryit. 

How Anti snoringMouth Piece Works
The overall concept behind the anti snoring mouthpiece is to prevent the soft tissue in the throatfrom collapsing down in on itself during sleep. 

By eliminating this narrowing of the breathing passage by bringing thelower jaw forward (or lifting the soft palate depending on the type ofmouthpiece you buy), your airway is left unblocked, thus eliminating thesnoring. 

You can try it yourself rightnow: lie down on your back and breathe normally.  Now, push your lower jaw forward a half aninch (or more) and breathe. 

Do you seehow much easier it is?

This is because your breathing passageway is now completelyopen.  What the anti snoring mouthpiece does for you is holds this position (or asimilar one like it) open throughout the night. 

Further, there are other brands of this device that will even keep yourtongue from falling back into your throat (this happens during sleep),effectively eliminating any chance you have of snoring.  It does this by keeping the tongue towardsthe roof of your mouth.

And because the mouthpiece is made of a space age plastic,it is easily moldable to your unique mouth shape. 

Much like the football mouth guards andprotectors you wear while playing sports, you simply dip the mouthpiece intosome boiling water to soften the plastic and then bite down on the bitingsurface to get an original and authentic mold of your dentition. 

This ensures comfort throughout the nightthat only takes a few nights to get used to.

Will The Anti snoringMouthpiece Help Me?

If your snoring is due to mild or moderate sleep apnea, thenan anti snoring mouthpiece might beexactly what you need. 

But even forhardcore snorers, this device can still work wonders because even if it can’teliminate it, it will greatly reduce the sound. That, with maybe a snoring pillow or snoring spray may be all even theloudest of the loud snorers will need.

But what makes this device so great is that it’s not onlycheap, but it’s simple.  This simplicityis compounded in its beauty when you put it up against other snoring remediessuch as a CPAP machine (which is not only expensive, but loud and uncomfortableas it forces air down your throat as you sleep) or even surgery! 

The only drawback that some seem to report is that it mightbe uncomfortable for certain people. Because it adjusts where your jaw rests during sleep, it’s important toconsult a physician to see if an antisnoring mouthpiece will be suitable for you. 

Crunching The Numbers

A recent survey of 600 snorers in London revealed that 85%of people who were given the device to try reported great satisfaction with itsability to curb or eliminate their snoring altogether. 

Even more positive was the feedback from thespouses of the snorers who all gave it their approval. 

Of the remaining 15% who didn’t like themouthpiece, though they said it was effective, they simply found ituncomfortable or could not get their devices molded properly.

Which Brand OfMouthpiece is the Best To Buy?

While the mouthpieces to stop snoring haven’t been out for aterribly long time, there are a few brands that have been out the longest, thusgarnering the most trust. 

It’s highlyrecommended that you stick with those types of brands, two of which are Sleep Right Dental Guard and The Doctor's Night Guard.

Since these two brands have withstood the test of time and thetrials of millions of snorers the world wide over, it’s a pretty safe bet tosay that if anything is going to work for you to help stop your snoring, it’sgoing to be either the Sleep Right Dental Guard or The Doctor's Night Guard Anti snoring mouthpiece.

For more information on snoring and what you can do toprevent snoring, click here

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