Can Sleep Apnea Affect Children.

Can Sleep Apnea Affect Children.

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Can Sleep Apnea Affect Children is a very important question that is asked everyday. The information in this page will answer that question

Can Sleep apnea affect children is a questionthat affects children and adults. This disorder is normally caused byenlarged tonsils or adenoids. Often surgery is needed to cure thisproblem. The scary thing about this disorder is that it causes theperson to temporarily stop breathing while they are asleep.

Being overweight can lead to this problem. Snoring is one sign that your child may have sleep apnea.The child may have trouble breathing and may sweat profusely during thenight. Due to this condition interrupting sleep, it may cause the childto be sleepy during the day. Add to that the irritability and this will affect their daily routine. Theymay fall asleep in school and grades will start to suffer. Thiscondition should be discussed at length with your child’s doctor.

What Do Separation Problems Have to Do With Sleep?

If you make a change in your lifestyle, such as taking a position that requires you to work at night, this could cause separationproblems with your child. They may not want to go to sleep if you arenot there. When they have been used to you putting them to sleep andall of a sudden there is a big change, this can trigger issues.

Youcan fee the same separation issues as your child. You are also used todoing things a certain way and when they change, you may feel guiltythat you are not there for your nightly routine.

What if My Child Has Problems Settling in at Night or Resists Going to Sleep?

Everyparent has experienced the temper tantrum. Sometimes they occur atnight when you are trying to put your child to bed. They are stubbornabout this to the point of having you at your wits end. The best thingto do is remain calm. If you get highly agitated, it will only make thesituation worse.

Calmly try to discuss what may be botheringyour child and the reasons for not wanting to go to bed. If they do nothave a reason, they just do not want to go, maybe a few minutes ofspecial time will calm them so they will go to bed. Try something theylike, such as a special song or a warm cup of milk. If you can get themto cuddle up to you, they may be sleepier than they realize.

What is a Sleep Diary? How Might it Help With My Child’s Sleep?

Asleep diary may be helpful if you child is having trouble going tosleep. As you keep a record of the nights they were not ready forsleep, you may see a pattern. The time they get up, how long and howmany naps they take, what time they go to bed, and how many times theyawoke during the night will allow you to see if there is a pattern.

Youmay be able to solve this problem on your own or you may have to enlistthe help of your pediatrician. Either way, if you keep a sleep diary,it may help when it comes to discovering why your child is havingdifficulties.

How Can I Decide Whether a Crib or Sharing Sleep (Co-Sleeping) is Better for My Family?

Many parents feel that the closeness of sharing their bed with their children is a comfort for them. However, most doctors do not feelthis way. Their opinion for the most part is it is not safe for children to sleep with adults. There have been studies conducted that shownearly half of children suffocating in their sleep are because theywere in an adult bed.

The studies show that adults rolling onchildren and the bedding can contribute to suffocating. Children arenot big enough to get out from under something or someone who is on top of them. It depends on theprecautions you take to make sure something such as suffocating cannotoccur. However, most doctors recommend against it period.

I hope this page has been able to answer that question can sleep apnea affect children.

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