Everlasting drug daily to forget all

Everlasting drug daily to forget all

by le
(chennai india)

I had been suffering from insomnia for many years and it was just killing me from not having normal life. This was due to my personal issues that are mounting up day by day to greater dazzling heights.

I am not bale to control myself from worrying a lot and hence I tried to sleep pushing myself to count numbers from back, though of some natural scenery and nothing gone on my way. So no other choice except to go for sleeping pills after having spent a lot of sleepless hours. My friend advised me to go for Benadryl tablets. Even though I hesitated first time then i went on further with the tablets. Really it worked well and never ever put me in deep sedation. I love it. The cost is affordable. SO far i never experienced any side effects out of this drug. I am enjoying a lot although there is little hang over.

Usually I take a capsule of 25mg half hour before bedtime. However, I have been thinking of switching over to herbal pills, as they are completely devoid of side effects. Due to the present drug I am little bit hesitating to switch over. I am sure that I have never been addicted to it so far in my lifetime. I am very sure that I would use this for kids and it would prove to be worse than anything,

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