If you suffer from a history of insomnia and you go to see a doctor youneed to be armed with the necessary information, so that the doctor candiagnose your condition accurately and make right recommendations.

Funny enoughyour sleep partner is also a rich resource of information on your sleepinghabits ,he or she knows if you snore, have restless legs, talk in your sleep oreven sweat profusely. There are certain questions the sleep specialist mightask you, the following questions might come in.

  • When did you begin to have episodes of insomnia?
  • What is your sleeping habit?
  • How long has it lasted?
  • What sleep medications have you taken includingover the counter sleep aids or herbal sleep aids?
  • Do you drink a lot? How often?
  • Do you smoke a lot? How often?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep and or dooften you wake up at night?
  • Have you had some emotional distress recentlylike job stress, marital issues or even accidents?
  • What is your work schedule like? Are you a nightor shift worker?
  • What is your performance at work like?
  • What is your medical history?
  • How often do you take coffee

These are the likely questions on your insomnia history thatyour doctor could ask. It is wise thatyou answer these questions truthfully to help the doctor give you a properevaluation and treatment.

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