How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep do you need?

This is a much debated issue amongstsleep experts. But most experts agree that there is no set amount oftime that everyone needs to sleep. The amount of sleep required by peoplevaries from person to person.

A researcher from the LoughboroughUniversity's Sleep Research Center states that "The amount of sleepwe require is what we need not to be sleepy in the daytime."

Experts suggest that to determinethe amount of sleep needed one should go to bed and wake up withoutan alarm clock. The amount of time you spend sleeping depends your body'spersonal requirement.

Also, the older you get the lesssleep your body tends to need. Sleep patterns and circadian rhythmschange. Adults spend approximately 20% in REM sleep, while the Elderlyspend 15% in REM sleep. Below is a chart that shows sleep hours by age.

AgeAverage amount of sleep per day
Newbornup to 18 hours
1-12 months14–18 hours
1-3 years12-15 hours
3-5 years11-13 hours
5-12 years9-11 hours
Adolescents9-10 hours
Adults, including elderly7-8 (+) hours
Pregnant women8 (+) hours
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