Just a Tab Will Do Ya!

Just a Tab Will Do Ya!

by Andrea
(Wilmington, NC USA)

I never had a problem sleeping until a few years ago when I started graduate school in addition to working full time and caring for my toddler son. Everyday I was dealing with a lot of stress and a very long to-do list.

I would lie in bed at night with a million thoughts running through my head, and the time would tick by. Watching the clock would make me anxious, beacuse I was worrying about all of the sleep I was missing. (As any parent of young children knows, you fiercely guard your rest!) In order to get some sleep to make it through the next day, I started taking Tylenol PM. If I took a full dose (2 tablets), I would experience the dreaded sleeping aid hangover the next day and I would have a hard time staying alert. So I began only taking half a dose, and that is what I've stuck with. It allows me to get to sleep and stay asleep without making me feel groggy the next morning. I also don't worry about not being able to wake up if my son needs me. I have always been able to awaken and take care of whatever he needs. Quality sleep is too valuable to leave to chance!

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