Natural Remedies for Insomnia for Adults, Children and Pregnancy.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia for Adults, Children and Pregnancy.

The natural remedies forinsomnia are varied and different things work for different people but you mustfirst understand this; Insomnia is asymptom and not a disease.

Any remedy that you choose for yourself must bebased on this fact, treating insomnia as a symptom.

Before I continue toreview the natural remedies for insomnia, I must state that over the years Ihave received hundreds of questions from people suffering from insomnia and Ihave recommended a variety of remedies. One issue has always stood out in allthe questions is, “Is there a natural cure to insomnia that really works?”

Just last year andstumbled on SLEEP TRACKS SLEEPOPTIMIZATION PROGRAM. To date 12 of my readers have tried per myrecommendation and so far have no need for sleep drugs or supplements of anysort.

Only one person gave up onthe program but later went back to it and she too is free of insomnia today.Since this page is about Natural Remedies for Insomnia and not the NaturalRemedy for Insomnia I will have to talk about other remedies, if you areinterested in the program read my SleepTracks Review for more information.

Now Natural Remedies forInsomnia can be broadly categorized as follows,

Nutritional supplements.
These are not drugs persay but are supplements that can be ingested after meal. What these nutritionalsleep supplements do is to boost elements such as tryptophan and Melatonin inthe body in cases where they are low. Lack or insufficient supply of theseelements in your body will cause sleep problems as they have a lot to do withhow the brain tells the body it is time to sleep.

Melatonin Supplements.
Melatonin is produced bythe pineal gland at the back of your brain from the amino acid called tryptophanand it is used to induce sleep. Sometimes for unknown reasons you might have adeficiency of melatonin and your sleep pattern is seriously affected. MelatoninSupplements can help boost your melatonin levels so as to restore sleep. Melatoninsupplements have had a huge rate of success and have little or no side effects.I have written extensively on melatoninsupplements, click the link to read more.

5-HTP also known as 5-Hydroxytryptophanis an amino acid, which is the main constituent of serotonin. And sinceserotonin is also a major component in inducing sleep, low amounts of it willcause insomnia and other sleep related problems. There are 5-HTP supplementsavailable to help combat insomnia, but like most sleep aids they don’t work foreveryone.

Herbal Remedies.

There are many herbalremedies for insomnia, but you have to be careful how you use them as some of themcan have very strong side effects. You should also not use them with normalinsomnia drugs, as this could trigger unforeseen results that could bedevastating to your health. Herbal remedies for insomnia include Chamomile,Passion Flower, Hops, Valerian, Corydalis and Lavender. Read my HerbalSleep Aids for Insomnia page for more information on sleep herbs.


The right exercise canhelp you gain sleep. Such exercises include, yoga, meditation, visualizationsand autogenic training and they can can help decrease the build up of stresshormones that cause insomnia. These sleep exercises should be done in theafternoon or early evening, because they raise body temperatures and raiseadrenaline levels, and this will only come down till after about 5-6 hours.That should be about the same time you are going to bed, thus promoting deepsleep.


It also not advisable toeat heavy meals late in the evening. There are protein rich foods that containthe amino acid tryptophan; these include milk, tuna, nuts, whole meal bread andpotatoes. Remember that tryptophan is used in the creation of serotonin which helpsyou relax and sleep.

There certain foods and liquidsto avoid if you want good sleep. Here is the list.

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate

Sleep Sound Audio Programs.

These are programs basedon the brain waive entertainment technology. Brainwaive entertainment isdesigned to influence the electrical activity going on in your brain in theform of brainwaves. It's meant to "entrain" them. This is done byusing rhythms. If you listen to a rhythmic sound for awhile — it could beanything, a drum beating at 5 beats per second for example — and concentrate onit, something will change inside of you. After a couple minutes your brain willstart to sync itself to the rhythm, and generate more brainwaves that willvibrate at the same rate per second as the sound you hear. Your brain willmimic the wave of the repeating sound.

This has been the mosteffective method of combating insomnia as it non-addictive nor does it comewith any side effects.

The best Sleep AudioProgram that has been effective for a lot of my readers is the SLEEP TRACKS SLEEP OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM.

You can try it for justtwo weeks for the price of .95 and if it works for you pay the full price. I tell having seen itsamazing results it is worth far more.

Read my SleepTracks Review for more information.

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