Neuro Natural Sleep Review

Neuro Natural Sleep Review

Neuro Natural Sleep Review

Firstly, I hardlypromote any drug or supplement except I have personally used it or i know someone who does and even at that, I am very carefull making recommendations. This is the human life we are talking about here.

There are a very few health products that I always have in my medicine cabinet and this one makes that list. Affter years of rigorous testing and trials, I found that this works for me and my family. I back this recommendation!

Now let's get to business.

What is so special about Neuro Natural Sleep?

The Neuro NaturalSleep supplement is a complex natural supplement which can help you getrestful sleep. This formula is unique due to the fact it contains naturalherbal extracts that such as Valarian, Hops, and Passion Flower extracts. It alsohas amino acids such as L-Threonine and D-Phenylalanine, and specializednutrients including Resvertrol, Huperzine A and Vinpoctine.

There are also over 32 nutrientsand co-factors included. This is one sleep aid that is all inclusive and it canhelp you to get the restful sleep you need to live your life the way you wantto!

Are you worried about taking extrapills? Or you do not want to get addicted to Sleeping pills like Ambien orImovane? Do you already take a whole lot of pills and you just can't stand thenotion of taking any more? What you need is a natural herbal solution that isused by hundreds of people world wide with amazing results. With Neuro-NaturalSleep you still take pills but addiction is never an issue.

The best thing about Neuro NaturalSleep is that you aren't going to feel drugged. Lots of sleep aids make youreally feel like you are out of control. You'll rest more easily and thequality of sleep will be better. No need to continue to go without sleep orfeel drugged on the other end of the spectrum. This is the best balanced way toget the sleep you so desperately want without having that yucky drugged feeling.

For individuals with serious sleepproblems, I recommend you take 3 before your evening meal and a further 3 aboutan hour just before you go to bed. This might seem like a high dosage but I saidthis supplement is not addictive and is very effective. Is swallowing 6 pills aday not worth fantastic sleep each and every night?

Whatdoes it contain?
The fact is that this supplementcontains a complicated set of 49 different ingredients which have been selectedparticularly for theirability to assist you relax and get to sleep.
This product combines a range ofnutrients in a powerful and effective yet quite safe and natural formula. Belowis a list of ingredients in this supplement.


6 tablets contain:

Specialty Supplements:

  • 5-HTP 5-hydroxytryptophan) (99%) (from Griffonia simplicifolia) 50mg
  • AlphaLipoic Acid 200mg
  • Betaine HCl (Trimethylglycine) 100mg
  • CholineBitartrate 100mg
  • DMAE(Dimethylaminoethanol) 200mg
  • Huperzine A (from 4mg Huperzia serrata)200mcg
  • L-Carnosine150mg
  • Phosphatidyl Choline (as Lecithin)160mg
  • PhosphatidylL-Serine 100mg
  • Quercetin(98%) (from Buckwheat) 50mg
  • Resveratrol(50%) (from Polygonum cuspidatum) 30mg
  • SAMe(S-AdenosylMethionine) (min 80% ss isomer) 100mg
  • Vinpocetine(98%) (from Vinca minor) 15mg

Amino Acids:

  • D-Phenylalanine80mg
  • L-Glutamine50mg
  • L-Histidine HCL 50mg
  • L-Taurine50mg
  • L-Threonine350mg
  • L-Tyrosine100mg
  • L-Valine50mg

Vitamins, Minerals and Co-Factors:

  • Biotin(99%) 2mg
  • FolicAcid (98%) 300mcg
  • Inositol (98% myo-inositol) (from RiceBran)75mg
  • Piperine (95%) (from Black Pepper) 10mg
  • Sodium Selenite (provides 102mcgelemental Selenium) 225mcg
  • L-Selenomethionine(provides 90mcg elemental Selenium) 225mcg
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine hydrochloride) 15mg

StandardizedHerbal Extracts:

   Bacopa Monnieri (30% Bacoside) (from Water Hyssop) 20:1 extract ratio50mg
   Bilberry (25% Anthocyanins) (from Vaccinium vitus-ideae) 110:1 extractratio 50mg
   Blueberry (25% Anthocyanins) (from Vaccinium uliginosum) 120:1 extractratio 50mg
   Chamomile (1% Apigenin) (from Matricaria chamomilla) 4:1 extract ratio50mg
   Dandelion Root (20% Inuline) (from Taraxacum mongolicum) 4:1 extractratio 50mg
   Grape Seed (95% Proanthocyanins) (from Vitus vinifera) 23:1 extractratio 100mg
   Green Tea (98% polyphenols & 80% catechins) (from Camellia sinensis)27:1 extract
   Hawthorn Berry (2% vitexin rhamnoside) (from Crataegus oxyancantha) 6:1extract ratio
   Hops (NZ Pacific Gem) 14% Alpha acids; 7% Beta acids (from Humuluslupulus) 500mg
   Passion Flower (4% Flavones) (from Passiflora incarnata) 9:1 extractratio 350mg
   Pomegranate (40% Ellagic acid) (from Punica granatum) 28:1 extract ratio80mg
   Rosemary (25% Carnosic acid) (from Rosemarinus officinalis) 12:1 extractratio 50mg
   Siberian Ginseng (0.8% Eleutherosides) (from Eleutherococus sentocosus)12:1 extract

Knowyour Manufacturer

This supplement is made by XtendLife, a world class natural supplement facility located in the pristineenvirons of New Zealand.

They produce high quality NutritionalSupplements  and Skin Care Products forconditions like Arthritis, Diabetes, Anti-Aging, MemoryLoss, Depression, SexualHealth and a host of other health related issues.

No matter your condition, tensionand anxiety or you just don't sleep also as you used to, Neuro-Natural Sleep isa superb supplement for you to try.

You won’t just be able to fallasleep, but you'll stay asleep and thus get an excellent sleep.
This really is not something youmay attain with sleep aide which you buy in a drug store.

What are others saying?

Click here to read the praises this product has been given from people like you and me all over the world.

So what are you waiting for?

GetNeuroNatural Sleep today andget to sleep like baby tonight!


TryNeuroNatural Sleep Today!


I like reviews andtestimonies. Send me a mail here to tell me about your experience with thissupplement. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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