Please help me understand why my father died?

Please help me understand why my father died?

by connie ann besplug
(saskatoon saskatchewan)


On feb23rd my father had passed away.The autopsy came back undetermined.The coronor said they will do more testing over next couple months to try to determine death.they said it wasn't a heart attract.I know my dad had some sort of sleep apnea.could it be possible he went to sleep that night and never woke up because of sleep apnea.could it be because he forgot to breathe in his sleep.could this possibly not show on the autopsy but will with further testing


First of all, I am sorry about your loss.

Yes, Sleep Apnea is deadly and it kills people everyday.

See my page on the question, "Can Sleep Apnea cause death?"

The autopsy should show what happened and thereby give you some peace.

My sympathy again.

Do stay strong.

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