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Hi, I just had a quick question.I have a long history of teeth grinding and sleep talking, and with extreme stress waking up in a defensive/agressive mood thatscared my girlfriend. (Which finally passed after about a week of doing so, and stopped about 3.5 years ago.)

But two nights ago I sat up and began talking to my girlfriend about the Chase bank symbol that was apparently in our doorway. And the conversation went on for awhile until I "woke up," apoligised for waking her and went back to bed.

Now, last night I woke up again (same time of night 90mins after going to sleep.) My interpratation was I was trying to explain to her military tactics, and explain why I had woke her up the night before. But she said I was talking about something else completely and not making sense.That kind of freaked me out so I apologized and tried to go back to bed. Minutes later I thought I was sleeping but my eyes were open and I was unknowingly scratching the bed, and the sound was scaring her...I heard the noise too but thought it was in a different room, but she said I was making the noise.

Both nights I actually knew what I was doing and can remember everything. It's like my mind is caught between reality and dreaming. But the more "awake" I became the more confused I got.

This is scaring both of us, I was thinking something medical (but I am otherwise healthy.) And she just saw paranormal activity so her mind is thinking something else. lol I am just trying to get to the bottom of this.

I am 25 years old. I am usually tired but take a lot of caffeine to counter act that. I am not a stressed/depressed person, and I do not take any medications.

Could it be "hypnangogic hallucinations?"

Any and all help would be VERY much appreciated.Thanks for your time.


I have a reader who was experiencing the same thing you are. You will need to see a doctor, a sleep doctor.
I dont want to comment much as i am not a doctor and might get a lot things wrong.
I would really appreciate if you could come back here to post what the doc says.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Is there a natural alternative to taking Mirtazapine?

by Karen


I've been prescribed mirtazapine as a sleep aid (2 x 15mg each night) but I am worried about taking it as I've heard it's not a good idea to take it long term and am assuming once I start taking it I will have to continue or else my sleep problems will continue.

I have problems sleeping, my bodyclock seems to be all over the place and I find myself being wide awake half the night and then asleep half the day.When I get up the next day I don't feel properly awake until the evening time and then just can't get to sleep at night.Even when I do manage to get to sleep, if I am woken up in the night at any time, that's it and I am awake no matter what I do.

It drives me crazy because I might finally get to sleep at 3am, get woken up at 4am and then be awake until the following night at 3am.So my question is is there any natural alternative that would be as effective as mirtazapine?I don't want to get hooked on something that I can't take long term and so far the mirtazapine had got me to sleep but given me a hang over feeling in the morning, that means I don't really feel refreshed or awake the way I should do.In fact I feel like a zombie.I'd much rather take something that is 'natural' and something that will allow me to go back to sleep again pretty soon(even if I have to take more of it) if I do get woken up in the night.



Thanks for the question. I don't have to go preachy on the danger of addiction to drugs, you seem to understand that already. To answer your question, you asked for a natural alternative. The answer is melatonin supplements. It is non habit forming, it is a supplement and not a drug. You can read here about . Melatonin is becoming a very safe alternative for people with sleep problems. I'd advise you also talk to a nutritionist about it, but personally i know it works for me. The interesting thing is that you cant even overdose on melatonin. People have taken up to 30mg without any side effect. Dont overdose, see my page on melatonin overdose.

If you have more questions, after reading these pages, just comment here.


My 8 year old can't sleep

My 8 year old son can't get to sleep he can't lie still and he wishes he didn't have to go to bed at all.


I would need a little more detail.

Do you mean he does not sleep at all or
He sleeps late and is restless?

Is he on any kind of medications?

Has he been through a tragedy recently?

Let me know any other info and i will do my best to advice you.

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