Sleep disorders and weight changes and depression.

Sleep disorders and weight changes and depression.

Sleep disorders and weight changes and depression.

Sleep deprivation irritates and hyper-activates a part of the brain (hypothalamus) that is involved with hormones that control appetite regulation. These hormones are leptin and ghrelin. When both these hormones are balanced, we get the feeling our stomachs are full (after a meal).

People who are sleep-deprived have lower amounts of leptin mainly because they are awake for a longer period of time and therefore have more time to eat. This makes them gorge on food, an activity that can lead to obesity, or an overweight condition, followed by problems that are associated with them.

Sleep deprivation and depression.

There is an immediate connection between sleep deprivation and depression. Lack of adequate sleep drains energy, increases irritability and tiredness. Result: the affected person’s productivity is decreased, his temper flares up too often, and that kind of alienates his friends and colleagues and he also feels drowsy at work or while driving, which increases the chance of him getting involved in an accident.

If sleep deprivation isn’t treated in time, it gets chronic and then there’s hell to pay as all the consequences combine together to make the person a horribly depressed man – which if left untreated can cause more grievous mental illnesses.

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