sleep ideas worth trying

sleep ideas worth trying

by David
(Ludlow Ma. 01056)

Hello,my name is David and I would like to tell you my story about sleep aids. I am 44 years old and have occasional insomnia.

What I found is the biggest problem with insomnia is that when you have a bad night sleep, you try harder the next night. This sometimes leads to what a urologist would refer to as performance anxiety.The act of trying to hard actually magnifies the problem. My doctor urged me to stay away from some prescription medications because of unusual side effects (although rare) such as driving cars, trying to have sex with your wife etc, and just plain addiction. One safe prescription drug is Trazadone. Trazadone, I guess was originally a mild antidepressant and what doctors found out was that a side effect was drowsiness. I have also had success with an herbal supplement called Valerian. Valerian is available at most health food stores and is sold in capsule form. My favorite sleep aid of all is about six ounces of red wine then relax. That way you can sleep your way to a better heart as red wine in moderation has been known to be good for your heart. Just make sure to empty your bladder before you hit the sack, or you will awake to go potty and ruin your good night sleep. I hope this helps some of you.

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