What are Sleep Onset Associations?

What are Sleep Onset Associations?

Sleep onset associations and children?

If you have started a habit with your child to get them to go to sleep, such as rocking them, they may not want to go to sleep unless they are rocked.

This is true if they wake in the middle of the night as well. This is a comfort to the child and they may need this to go back to sleep. Sometimes they have to have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to go to sleep. A pacifier is another comfort that is learned from an early age.

Opinions differ as to whether rocking your child to sleep is a good thing or bad. However, many parents get a contented feeling by rocking their babies, just as the babies do. So it really is a matter of personal preference. If you feel like rocking your baby, do not let anyone tell you that you should not.

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