A Candid Sleep Tracks Review

You should read this sleep tracks review first before making any decision on this program.

Some months ago, one of my readers sent me a email about a sleep audio program that had helped him recover from insomnia after 5 months of not being able to sleep because of the grief of loosing his sister.

(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

The sleep aid he talked about is Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program, by Yan Muckle.

The Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program tracks are designed to influence the electrical activity going on in your brain in the form of brainwaves. It’s meant to “entrain” them.


(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

If you listen to a rhythmic sound for awhile — it could be anything, a drum beating at 5 beats per second for example — and concentrate on it, something will change inside of you. After a couple minutes your brain will start to sync itself to the rhythm, and generate more brainwaves that will vibrate at the same rate per second as the sound you hear. Your brain will mimic the wave of the repeating sound.

Frank claimed it had helped him regain his sleep in just 6 days. I was fascinated and wanted to verify his claims for my sleep tracks review, so I bought the premium version for .95 and gave it to one of my readers who had recently emailed about her incessant insomnia.

(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

The deal was for her to try it out for 1 week and let me know if it worked. She did and the results . . . well read on.

Since this is a sleep tracks review, I felt I should talk about what the program contains and how the order process works; I personally do not like surprises.

Sleep Quiz.

First of all you have to take a sleep quiz on the website that shows you what mistakes you are making to cause insomnia. After the quiz, your results are shown and then you are shown a video that talks about insomnia and then you get to the order page. Long process if you ask me . . .but what the heck you still got the prize ahead.

Order Process.

At first my main concern was for the program price. I am very careful spending money on the internet as most companies just take your money and give you a terrible product and will defiantly refuse you a refund by using tricky legal terms as a cover.

I only went ahead with the purchase because it had being highly recommended by one of my readers and he was so thrilled by the results that he wanted me to share it with my subscribers. And I am glad I did. Just read on.

The Package.

The Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program has 2 basic packages.

1.Premium Edition. .95 includes

  • Insomnia Buster Track
  • Fall Asleep track
  • Whole Night Track.
  • Fast Start Guide,
  • Optimal Sleep Course,
  • Power Nap Track and
  • Anxiety Ease Tracks.

2.Basic Edition. .95 includes

  • Insomnia Buster Track
  • Fall Asleep track
  • Whole Night Track.
  • Fast Start Guide,
  • Optimal Sleep Course.

(There is a full explanation of the tracks and how they work. This will help you choose which package will suit your condition most.)

The program is downloadable and is sold by a Clickbank, which is a reputable merchant. Clickbank accepts paypal and all major credit cards. The order process took me 2 minutes. I got a confirmation page and got a email with my download link. After payment I got access to a membership site and I was downloading the package in no time.

This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

I gave jenny the download and asked her to let me know how it went.

Here’s her response.

Hello Emeka,I want to thank you so much for caring and trying to help me.
I have to confess, when you first told me about the sleep tracks audio sleep aid, I was really skeptical.
But since I was not ingesting anything, I decided to try.
Even as I write I am anxious to jump ahead of myself and start screaming, YES, IT WORKS!
Ok, I did it. Really it works. I am so excited right now!
I started at 9pm on the first evening.
After listening to the guide, I started insomnia buster and at first I thought, what the heck this is not going to work. I just lay in my bed and was going through a fashion magazine and . . . I woke up when my mobile phone rang and it was 3.25am. I still don’t know how it happened but I never knew when I dozed of. I could not go back to bed.
Before now I could only sleep for 2-3 hours and that is usually between the hours of 12-3am. But now, I must have slept at 9.30pm and woke 3.25am. Miracle!
The 2nd night was pretty the same but I listened to the Fall asleep track, and that is exactly what happened, but I woke up at 2:34am and slept back at 3:30am till 4:55am! Amazing!
Oh the joy on that morning. I was so full of life and energy. I thought of emailing you but you did not want me to till the 3rd night.
Here I am writing you an email at 3.30am. I just awoke and I slept of at around 9pm while listening to the whole night track on loop.
Emeka, why did I not meet you sooner?
The Sleep Tracks has changed my life not just sleep. I am no longer groggy during the day.
Even my husband says he noticed that his sleep is deeper and more satisfying.
We sleep in the same room.
I will keep listening to the tracks and hope I can have full sleep again.
God Bless you and thank you for helping me.


Jenny Airibon

(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

Well, you heard it all. There are so many other testimonials on the website from people (even medical doctors) who claim they have gotten better sleep from the Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program.

It worked for jenny, but it might not be for every one with a sleep problem.

You may use this program if you experience one or several of the following situations:

  • You currently take sleeping pills
  • You have trouble falling asleep
  • You wake up repeatedly during the night
  • You wake up after a few hours and can’t fall asleep again
  • You can’t sleep for days on end
  • Your overactive mind and stressed body keeps you awake
  • Anxiety keeps you awake
  • You’re tired all the time even when you spend a long time in bed
  • You suffer from a light case of sleep apnea
  • You suffer from restless legs syndrome

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t want to try anything new
  • You’re epileptic or prone to seizures
  • You’re pregnant
  • You wear a pacemaker
  • Your condition requires medical or psychiatric treatments. I’m not a doctor and never played one on TV — please read the health disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

This program is NOT about:

  • Subliminal messages (subliminal doesn’t work)
  • Relaxation music
  • Taking pills or “sleep aids”
  • Anything you would need to believe in

(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

I recommend people with insomnia to try the Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program.

It is better than sleeping pills or most other sleep aids which can be addictive or dangerous.

Try Sleep Tracks Now. You could be sleeping peacefully like a baby tonight.

Click here to get your copy of Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program for a peaceful night rest.

Anyone can contact me for questions or more information on the program.

(This is not a solicited sleep tracks review, all opinions are mine.)

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