Stop Snoring Exercises.

Stop Snoring Exercises.

Simple 3 Minute Exercises.

Stop Snoring Exercises Part 2.

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  1. The Kiss

Can youimagine kissing your hubby?

Yes, thatis exactly what I want you to do. Pucker your lips as if to kiss and hold itlike that for 5 seconds. Now relax your lips and repeat this 5 times. Remember,you have to position your lips as if you are about to give a kiss. Thats it.So simple. Do this every night before sleep.

  1. Stretch thattongue

Graduallytake out your tongue and stretch it out as far as you can. Now move it to thefar right and then to the far left. Now try to touch the tip of your nose withit. Try to touch your chin too. Keep at this for about 30 minutes if you can.

  1. Yawn

Yawn likeyou would when waking up in the morning. Try this 6-7 times till you feel afreeness in your jaw. It is simple but very powerful.

  1. Chin Up

Use yourthumb to push against your chin and hold that position for about 3 minutes andrelease. Try this 3-4 times.

  1. Take a sip

Imagine youare having your favorite drink and taking a long sip. Purse your lips and takea long sip. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat this for 5 mins everynight.

  1. Say Cheese

Give a widesmile and say cheese, just like you would do with a photo shoot. Hold thatstance for 3 minutes, release it and repeat this 5-6 times.

  1. The Pencil

Grip apencil firmly with your teeth. Dont grip too hard as to break it. Do this forabout 5 minutes then release it. Do this twice a day. This is one exercise thatyou can practice comfortably at work.

Persistence is the Key!

Theseexercises only work if you take them seriously and do them every day. Thesecret is in mixing them up. You can choose to do the, Say Cheese , Chin Upand Yawn exercises today and do another set tomorrow. The more exercises youdo the better your chances of reducing your snoring problem fast.

Stop Snoring Exercise Program

You shouldjoin the No 1 Stop SnoringExercise Program on the Internet created by Christian Goodman.

Hisprogram was first introduced in 1999 and has been expanding ever since.

Thisprogram is divided into 24 Exercises that are designed into 7different programs thatare doable even if you have just 5 minutes every day.

The programconsists of both an e-book that illustrates the exercises and audio recordingto walk you through the steps.

Beforewriting this review I purchased a copy and I am someone who is hardlyimpressed, but I was really floored.

Chrisreally over delivered with this product.

I gavethe program to one of my readers who after one week of exercises said and Iquote, My Husband said, our Bedroom is silent again after6 years of bearing my snoring.

Shewrote me a full page email explaining how she used the program and the results.I hope to put her review up very soon.

I wishI could do the same for you, but that wont be fair on Chris, will it?

Theprogram cost just and comes with Full 8 Week MoneyBack Guarantee.

Thatlooks like a fair offer so you dont have anything to loose.

Try itand if it does not deliver, which I likely doubt you get your full refund.

Freeyourself today. Get your copy of the Stop SnoringExercise Program.

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