Home Remedies for Insomnia: Herbal Sleep Aids or Physical Therapy.

Home Remedies for Insomnia: Herbal Sleep Aids or Physical Therapy.

There has been a recent rave over home remedies for insomnia as alternative for insomnia drugs.Research shows most adults do not sleep well and this affects their day time jobs.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder today. It is simply the lack of sleep or the inability to stay asleep. Each of us at onetime or the other have been victims of this condition. Though there are somepeople who have chronic insomnia, in this case hardly sleep and this continuesfor month or  even years. Most peoplehave come to depend on over the counter sleep aids, but there has been a recentmovement on home remedies for insomnia.

These homes remedies for insomnia or herbal sleep aids have come to be trusted by ordinary folks and some themhave been perfected over the years and passed from generation to generation.Home remedies for insomnia can be broadly divided into:

  • Herbal Remedies for Insomnia
  • Herbal Drugs
  • Physical Therapy

Below are lists of herbal remedies that I have come acrossover the years. I will not say which ones have worked for me but you can trustthat if they are listed here, it because so many insomniacs the world over havetried these remedies and they work. Home Remedies for Insomnia can come in different formsincluding, roots, teas, leafs, grass and so on. Here is a list of remedies youcan try for your insomnia.

  • Lemon Balm Tea – This is a very good sedative and it sooths the stomach well. Youcan put two to four teaspoons of the dried herb into a cup of boiling water.
  • Eat 2-3 fresh onions before going to bed.
  • Simmer Chamomile tea for 3 minutes and a bit ofmilk and  2 table spoon of  natural honey.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lavender leaves to a cup ofboiling water stir and drink.
  • Take a teaspoon of honey with a glass of hotmilk.
  • Mix one teaspoon of honey, with a warm glass ofspring water and fresh lemon juice.
  • Valerian is a very  good sleep aid, it reducesactivity in the central nervous system. You can get valerian from your healthfood stores.
  • Heat milk till it gets just before boilingpoint, then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 level tsp of sugar andsprinkle cinnimon on top and drink while hot. This one works like a charm.
  • Grind: 5 carrots, spinach, 2 broccoli flowers ,2leaves of dandelion, and one beet ,eat quickly, and go to bed.
  • Hops is a sedative, you can buy a pack of driedhops and stuff them into your pillow at night and then go to bed.
  • You can take two teaspoons of honey with a largeamount of water, this aids sleep.
  • You can take plenty of curd to aid sleep.
  • Drink a cup of hot milk with honey or rock candy
  • Drink salvia tea

There a lot of herbal sleep aids and home remedies for insomnia out there but only few reallyhave what it takes to send you to dream land. Here are some of myrecommendations.

Calms forte™
According to Calms Forte website, “Calms Forté™ tablets arecomposed of four botanicals long used by doctors and health practitioners tosoothe and quiet irritated nerves and edginess without sedatives ortranquilizers. In addition, Calms Forté™ includes five biochemic phosphates in3X potency, which feed and strengthen the nerves of the body, helping youwithstand everyday stress and strain.”
I have so many friends who use calm forte and they love theway it works. Personally I used it twice and I had a blissful sleep and very peacefuldream. There might be side effects, but I have never experienced any and neverheard of anyone complaining. The website warns that the drug should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

This herbal sleep aid  for insomnia has been around for a while.  I have heard of claims of people using it andloving it. The manufacturers also have a broad of other products for eachfamily member.


Sometimes insomnia can be caused by emotional or physiologicalproblems. Yoga exercises like shavasana and hatha  yoga, can help calm your nerve and serve as one of the best remedies for insomnia. It takes time to master the art, but once you do you can always helpyour waking mind and body fall asleep.
Anyone can suddenly find themselves becoming an insomniac,either transient or long term. If you find yourself in this precariousposition, just before you go and get an over the counter sleep aid try the homeremedies for insomnia first.

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