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How to beat insomnia without drugs

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Aug 16, 2011
Sleeping Naturally
by: gulabo

Not sleeping? You may be worried about your children,you may have lost somenone,you may feel lonely, depressed, or overwhelmed. You might lose your job or already have, your children may have decided the best thing for you is go to a home and yet nobody visits you, your husband, your wife left you all of a sudden, you boss does not appreciate you, you cannot pay your bills, you stopped speaking to one of our child, or your parents, your lost in the stock market, you are nervous about a new position, you lost a child, you want a child, you watch TV and are worried about the world, you found out you have a disease, you heart is broken, you have nightmares, you remember everynight being molested as a child, you are overweight and so on........... these long term and short term circomstances have a major role in not sleeping, and the less you sleep, the more you feel discouraged and depressed about it. So, how to get to sleep? First by looking deeply at what is within YOU and not necessarely resolving issues. Acknowledge it, see it, feel it. When you stay awake at night, there is no need to try to fix things, or get cought in the mind trap or thinking over and over about this or that.... Stop, breathe slowly, get in contact with the body, breathe, watch what happens and witness, meaning, just watch, then, see what your mind is saying, and yet don't mind it, watch the rubbish, and last, see how you feel, feel it, but don't own it, watch....Keep breathing, follow the movement of breathing in and out, naturally, watch the body, mind and emotion and don't get involved, as if you were watching a movie...pull away from it all. You will eventually fall asleep... peacefully. And gradually, you will get rid of the hold of those inner stories and sufferings that grab you in the middle of the night... and even during the day. Try it, nothing to loose.... To your health.Celine Cloutier emotional Health Practitioner, Mediator, Meditator.

Jul 19, 2011
Sleep Without Meds
by: Debra Stang

I think it's great if you can fall asleep without medications, and guided meditation can certainly help people do that.

There are some cases, though, where meds might be a good thing. Someone who is very depressed, however, and can't sleep or falls asleep and then wakes up early would probably benefit from an anti-depressant that might also (initially) cause drowsiness.

Debra Stang
Alliant Professional Networking Specialist

Jul 12, 2011
Sleep disorders
by: Anonymous

I feel strongly learning the topic, however I need to learn more on this topic.
Carry on your updates..!!


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