Insomnia and Pregnancy, Coping with Pregnancy and Sleeplessness.

Insomnia and pregnancy are like a twin. Insomnia and pregnancy go together most times. Experts agree that insomnia during pregnancy is a normal event.

The joy of conceiving alone can take sleep from you, added to that you have to go to the bathroom more often  you would experience body aches, cramps and even loose the ability to find a comfortable sleeping position. This could induce transient and sometimes  chronic insomnia. Let me say at this point that first time moms-to-be are more apt to insomnia and related disturbances. Thinking about issues like finance, how good a parent you can be, the health of your baby or even miscarriage can become damaging  to your health and eventually cause you to loose your sleep.

Heartburns are also another cause of insomnia. Pregnancy causes the hormones in the body to change, and this could have effects on the level of acid production and muscles in the digestive tract. Another cause  of heart burn  is that the uterus and fetus grow and the fetus  put s pressure on the stomach and forces acids  up the esophagus, this is also known as acid reflux.

Itching is another issue. A woman’s skin stretches during pregnancy especially in the navel area and this could cause itching. Pregnancy comes with much discomfort, from pelvic pain to headaches, bloating, leg cramps, back pain, water retention, gas and nausea. All of these can cause insomnia and pregnancy can become very complicated. For most women these conditions only persist for the first trimester of pregnancy and the later days get a little less stressful. There are a number things that can be done to relieve these conditions and help you sleep better.


  • Self -Hypnosis – There are several wonderful self-hypnosis products out there. All you need to do is clear your mind and slow down your thoughts and listen to the voice and you should fall asleep before you know it
  • No Caffeine – Yes avoid it like a plague especially at night.
  • If you experience heart-burn you might one to try a glass of warm each night just before you sleep.
  • Relax- There could be so much to think about during pregnancy but you have to learn to clear your mind and relax. If you can’t sleep don’t just lay in bed. Stand up and do something like knitting or reading a religious pamphlet or watch some boring documentary on T.V. The whole aim of this is to help you relax and clear your mind.
  • Exercise and massage- You could try out some light exercises to help stretch your body and soothe your joints. You could also ask your partner to give you a good massage.
  • Warm Bath- Try a warm bath. This works well just before sleep and at midnight too.
  • Pillows. . .pillows – You need lots of pillows, especially those designed for pregnant women. Pillows could help you find a comfy position to sleep in.
  • Audio Therapies- Audio Sleep Enhancement does help. One of the recent breakthroughs in this field is the Isochronic pulse audio therapy.
  • Insomnia Drugs- Avoid them. As you know during pregnancy the level of drug intake should be strictly monitored by your doctor. Most insomnia drugs contain antihistamines, which can cause drowsiness.
  • Herbal Remedies – There are several of them out there you could try but you need be careful and read the label carefully to know if it is safe during pregnancy.

Insomnia and pregnancy go hand in hand and it’s natural to lack sleep during pregnancy. You just have to cope with the symptoms for a while and always follow your doctor’s advice. If you cannot sleep a long period of time, then you do need medical attention and this should be gotten as soon as possible. In

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