Insomnia Tips for Sleep


Are you looking for insomnia tips?

As many as one in three of us suffer from Insomnia, but most of us either ignore it or just learn to live with it.

This article will give you Insomnia Tips to get back to your normal sleeping patterns.

  1. Firstly there is your diet; this is a really underestimated part of sleep routines. For me to have any food within 1.5 hours of my sleep should be considered extremely disruptive, as my body starts to release energy just when you really need to start to unwind and relax. However there are certain drinks such as milk (20 mins before sleeping) which contains calcium to soothe those sensitive nerves. Next there is the comfortable sleeping position.
  2. A comfortable sleeping position can be achieved by going to your local bed store and asking them to try some pillows, you will be surprised at the positive response you will get from salesperson as you trawl through about 8 different brands to get the pillow that is the right height and size for you.
  3. Sleep can be disrupted by all the senses, so it is important to cater for each one. A blindfold is unconventional but even if it’s the dull glow coming from the cracks in your doors then it’s possible you are reacting to that and thus not getting much sleep. The next main sense to cover is your ears, it seems obvious but for instance it has been proven that even quite noises like the humming of a television on standby can lead to loss of sleep.
  4. Lets face it, our bodies are complicated things and as such we need to understand some of the mechanics of getting a good nights sleep. Our bodies have a natural time sense within them and so if you are intended on getting those craved 40 winks than you might have to start moving your day about. Try and get to bed earlier and wake up earlier, making sure that you do not go to sleep during the day! This is bad as it disorientates our bodies time sense and will lead to a bad nights sleep.
  5. There are many ways to help you get to sleep, but one of the ones I can most highly recommend is a massage. From foot massage to a hand massage, or even just a shoulder rub, stimulating the receptors in your skin and muscle while loosening the tense areas of he body encourages a more natural sleep.
  6. During the day the brain processes millions of pieces of information, of this we process about 10%. This still leaves both me and you with a lot to think about by the end of the day and can sometimes be the culprit behind those sleepless nights. By thinking while we sleep we can increase our heart rate and become less relaxed. Fear not, there are actually many ways in which you can forget about these things and got bed. One way is to have a relaxing bath and then slip into bed where you are just totally relaxed and completely unfocused, another option is to just lay there in bed and try to forget our thoughts; however my personal favorite is a bit more advanced.


Insomnia Tips

To use my technique, you must be fully committed to it and not try to pick holes in it while participating. To start lay in bed, have your thoughts and imagine them in a green bubble inside your head, now imagine the bubble floating to the top of your scalp so you could grab it with your hand, place your hand and imagine yourself grasping the thoughts in your hand, lastly I want you to place them slowly on the floor next to you and let you r hands go. This is a system I use almost every night and can even be applied to get that annoying song out of your head.

You also nee to consider the kind of mattress you use. There are different kind of mattresses. See Best Mattresses Reviews here.

If none of these solutions work for you, I would strongly advise seeking a Doctor for further medicinal advice.

Thanks for reading my Insomnia Tips.

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