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Melatonin and Alcohol

Learn about the side effects of the alcoholism mix.

Can one take melatonin and alcoholic drinks?

Does alcohol consumption reduce melatonin secretion in your body?

Here you can find more information on mixing melatonin and strong drinks and if there are any side effects.

Melatonin hormone secretion and Alcoholism.
Recent findings have shown that large populations of alcoholics and people who are in the withdrawal stage have little melatonin hormone secretion in the brain. The studies also show that the secretion of melatonin is disrupted at night in alcoholics and is instead secreted during the day. This distorts their sleep patterns and can induce insomnia or sleep deprivation. This is found to be common in young adults.

The FDA has advised against the intake of alcohol with any other drug including melatonin supplements. This is because alcohol stimulates the nervous system before depressing it, thereby disrupting your sleep patterns. Several alcoholics have tried to use melatonin supplements to reset their already disrupted circadian rhythm.

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Are there any side effects?

Some Medical Experts say that, since melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the body it is safe to combine the two. While others are against the idea of mixing both, based on the fact melatonin can be classified as a prescription drug in some countries, and no drugs should be taken with alcohol.

Although our bodies have different tolerance levels, a large population of people that use both have complained of long but inconvenient sleep. Research has shown that the combination causes lactic acid to build up in your muscles and you are likely to wake up with serious body aches and a terrible headache than a normal hangover from alcohol alone.

Some people claim to experience nightmares. This has been associated this with the psychoactive effects of alcohol reacting with the melatonin supplements ingested. Some have also said it kept them awake throughout the night with the feeling that they had taken some steroids or stimulants. In all of this, the symptoms show that the idea of taking both is a bad idea and should be avoided.

What should I do?

If you are an alcoholic and you can’t sleep at night and you plan on taking melatonin supplements, I strongly advise that you should see your doctor for a proper consult. There are alternatives, such as OTC Sleep Aids. I also advise young adults to take it easy on those bottles as alcohol disrupts your sleep pattern.

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