Melatonin and Cancer (Breast/Prostate) Research, Treatment and Prevention.

Melatonin and Cancer (Breast/Prostate) Research, Treatment and Prevention.

Melatonin and Cancer is gaining waves in the news these days.

A lot is being said about it.

How effective is melatonin supplements in treating cancer?

Why are pharmaceutical companies not sponsoring research towards melatonin and research?

There are manyspeculations out there on the uses of melatoninsupplements. One of the theories gaining grounds is that there is a linkbetween melatonin supplements and cancer treatment. Maybe there is more than meets the eye on melatonin and cancer treatment.

As you probably alreadyknow melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland found at the back ofyour head. Melatonin determines when you feel sleepy. This is why melatonin hasearned itself the name ,"hormone of darkness". You could develop insomnia or suffer from jet lag and one of the ways to treat yourself would be to usemelatonin supplements which has been proven to be very effective for sleepdisorders.

Recently, medical researchersbegun to studymelatonin and cancer and how if it could preventcancerous tumor cells from growing.

I read a report recentlythat in a clinical trial on melatonin and cancer breast cancer to be precise, at Harvard. 147 womenwith invasive breast cancer and 291 without cancer were tested by urine sample.It was found that the women with high melatonin levels had a lower risk ofhaving cancer.

Another experiment done atMcMaster University, Canada on people with solid tumor cancer showed that treatmentby melatonin between 1992-2003 reduced the risk of death at one year notminding the type ofcancer.

It has been said in somemedical circles that melatonin and cancer idea is already gaining grounds and melatonin is being hailed as, "The CancerKiller" but full research has not been carried out to prove this.

Research reports statethat melatonin as it were enhances the human immune system and it can protectcancer patients from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and can evenaid healing from wounds sustained from cancer surgery.

By now you may be askingthe same question I asked a few years back, "If melatonin is so effective inthe treatment/management of cancer why are we not hearing so much aboutit?"

From my research I havefound out that most American pharmaceutical companies have not showed interestin supportingthe research of melatoninand cancer treatments for obvious reasons.

Their counterparts in Europe however, have begun sponsoring clinical trials on tosee melatonin's effect on cancer.

Talking about EuropeanResearch, do you know that in recent clinical trials in patients withnon-small-cell lung cancer that were treated with melatonin, that they outlivedother patients treated by chemotherapy by 5 years? Over all tumor showedregression signs. Ofpatients treatedwith just chemotherapy for cancer none survived 2 years, but out of 49 of thosetreated with chemotherapy and melatonin, 3 lived for 5 more years.

Did I hear you say, "Does5 or 7 more years matter?"
Dear reader, It does.
When you are diagnosedwith a terminal illness, anytime you have left does matter. This is whyresearchers are hoping that more medical practitioners will begin to look intoadministering melatonin in combination with standard cancer treatments forpatients in the early stages of cancer.

How does melatonin kill cancer?

Melatonin has been shownto kill human tumor cells. In patients where the tumor is already full blown,melatonin can inhibit it's growth drastically. Melatonin has also been provento help people with severe cancer symptoms and it stops the development of newtumor vessels. This will in turn inhibit the tumor from metastasis. It doesthis by lowering the body temperature and inducing hypothermia. It also stopstumor cells from free radical overtake of healthy cells, thereby limitingoxidative damage to DNA, amino acids, lipids and protein.

Melatonin Supplements arevery effective in helping the immune system of the patient and it inhibitsfurther growth of cancerous cells by activating the cytokine capabilities tohelp fight cancer.

In patients with advancedor end-stage cancer, melatonin supplements have been helpful by reducing weightloss, enhancing the immune system, improving healing of wounds, lesseningtissue loss and generally improving the quality of life.

This remarkable seeingthat what kills most cancer patients in the end is poor management of theirsymptoms.

As I stated earlier yourpineal gland creates melatonin when you are in a dark place, thereby inducingsleep. This is why you feel sleepy at night. Researchers have also discoveredthat puts cancer cells to sleep too.

During trials, a lab mice inducedwith human breast cancer was exposed to constant light and the tumor grewrapidly. This shows that tumors grow almost 7 times faster with constant light.During daylight cancerous cells are fully awake and an acid called linoleicstimulates their growth.
At night cancerous cellsgo to sleep. It is therefore advised that cancer patients do not sleep in roomswith bright light.

Since the brain inducesthe pineal gland to create melatonin when the individual is in a dark place, somescientists believe that melatonin supplements can help in the treatment ofcancer.

Melatonin also helps jumpstart your sleep cycle. Most cancer patients can hardly sleep and the use ofmelatonin might improve your sleeping conditions.

Seeing that there are nonoteworthy sideeffects of taking melatonin, it should be used more in the treatment ofcancer as it could help make life more bearable until maybe one day CANCER ISCURED!

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