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Melatonin and Children

Is Melatonin right for kids with Autism, ADHD and other Sleep Problems?

Melatonin and Children's Sleep Problems is being talked about every day.

Mothers around the world are beginning to turn to melatonin supplements as a way to solve their kids sleep problems.

I use melatonin supplements a lot. It is very effective in tackling my sleep problems. Am an adult and I have no problems using melatonin supplements or recommending it to another adult, but giving it to children is another issue entirely.

If like me you probably have a bottle of melatonin stacked somewhere. Suddenly your child is having insomnia causing her not to sleep properly or even sleep at all. Now you are wondering if melatonin and children's sleep problems is a good combination. Sleep in Children is a very sensitive issue.

Trying to find out the side effects of melatonin on your kid is the first right step. You might have seen your neighbor tucking in her kids after a little melatonin dosage of liquid melatonin.

Let’s delve into the facts about melatonin and children’s sleep disorders...

Is it medically right?

melatonin and children

Some parents use melatonin supplements to give their sleep deprived child a good night’s rest and they report that it has proved to be a tremendous help even though some doctors advise against it.

Susan Zafarlotfi of the Institute for Sleep-Wake Disorders at Hackensack University Medical Centre in New Jersey said that parents have confirmed that melatonin is effective as a natural sleeping aid.

She also counseled against melatonin supplement prescription for children under the age of 10 and that the melatonin dosage should be less than 3 milligrams.

Irrespective of the success rates in the administration of melatonin in children, medical professionals have been wary of prescribing melatonin for children. This is based on the fact that most studies of melatonin and children sleep problems have been carried out on children who are autistic or children that have other development disabilities.

This is because their bodies produce little or no melatonin.

So far there have been no reports on the long-term side effects of melatonin in children.

Should I give my child melatonin?

Melatonin and children

Do what I did. Before I gave my child melatonin I took her to a pediatrician. Medical conditions such as breathing difficulties and behavioral problems should be crossed out as factors causing her to have insomnia.

Melatonin should not be used on children who are healthy and who just don’t want to go to sleep or have a bad sleeping habit. I recommend that if you want to correct your child’s bad sleeping habits, try and reduce the time your child spends in front of the television, computers and telephones before she goes to bed.

Most American kids have televisions and computers in their rooms and the more they spend time with those things the more likely they develop sleep disorders.

Melatonin Supplements has also been used to treat children with severe head injuries and their brains can no longer produce melatonin.

Your child’s brain produces the necessary amounts of melatonin, except in children with developmental issues. Professionals have advised that caution should not be thrown to the wind in the administration melatonin for children with sleep problems.

Sleep Specialist have also concluded that taking melatonin supplements is safe when used for short periods of time, both in children and adults. They also noted that when prescribed to children, melatonin supplements have been effective and rarely associated with side effects like seizures, agitation, behavioral changes.

As a parent I know you are worried about melatonin and your children’s sleep problems, but before you give her a melatonin dosage try and find out first of all why she is having trouble sleeping.

I also advise that if she has been diagnosed with chronic insomnia or other sleep disorders you should employ the use of other over the counter sleep aids. And be sure to take her to a sleep expert or a pediatrician.

If melatonin supplements has been prescribed for your kid then you might want to make sure he takes the right dosage by checking out the right melatonin dosage and also our liquid melatonin page which is the best for kids.