Melatonin and Hormones Function.

Melatonin and Hormones.

So you want to know about melatonin and hormones?  Ok, then. Let me take you on a journey.

You been to the movies lately? I have. I was bored some evenings ago and decided to take myself out.

There was this vampire movie on I couldn’t get off my seat.

I was so scared to go to the restroom. I was afraid that Dracula could be lurking in a dark corner, waiting to feast on my blood and turn me to into vampire. Like Dracula, I would roam the streets at night and going into hiding during the day. At least that's what the average vampire does.

Well, melatonin Hormone can be likened to a vampire in the sense that it is triggered by the pineal gland at the onset of dim light or total darkness, gently sipping into your blood stream and before you know it you’re probably drooling of in bed.

Melatonin and hormones2

The Melatonin Hormone.
There’s a small pine-shaped gland located at the back of your brain. It is called the pineal gland and it is attached to the stalk in the third ventricle. The pineal gland secrets a hormone called melatonin.

This hormone helps to regularize your body rhythm telling your body when to sleep. In lower species it is used to regulate their sex. This finding has made some researchers wrongly believe that it does the same in humans.

As you munch through tryptophan based foods during the day, your body converts much of it into serotonin. The enzymes that convert serotonin into melatonin are suppressed by light. This explains the reason behind the secretion of melatonin at the onset of dim light.

Melatonin and Hormones.
Melatonin supplements are mainly used to treat sleep disorders but there has a recent screaming of bloody murder about the side effects of melatonin on the release of sex hormones especially in women.

A lot of talk is being generated on melatonin and hormones.

The buzz becoming popular is that simply because melatonin in lower species like fish and frogs play a role in determining their sex lives by restraining the flow of sex hormones, then the same applies to humans.

Different studies are going on to verify if you should continue using your melatonin supplements to manage your insomnia or irregular sleep patterns both for the short and long term.

In women, the effect of high melatonin dosage reduces hormone output which is accelerated by a low-calorie diet.

Research all shows that constant 10 mg melatonin dosage might have a mild result on the stimulation of growth hormone because it will slow up the release of somatostatin thereby inhibiting growth hormone release.

Sleep Habits.
I’m a workaholic and I’m not proud I don’t sleep.

The average American sleeps only about 6 and half hours as against the normal 8 hours stipulated by the National Sleep Foundation for you to get a good night’s rest.
Just about one in four Americans gets the full 8 hours of sleep. I’ve seen extreme cases of people (especially Americans) bragging about how they get 4 hours of sleep.

Who cares about sleep?
Sleep helps to increase your immunity and resistance to diseases.

And I wonder what people do when they’re not sleeping?

Oh i forgot TV, Internet and cell phones, but we must understand technology has its own place.

If you don’t sleep well enough you are more prone to contacting a virus as a result of low immunity to diseases.

When you sleep well you bolster your immune system. Recent studies are showing that apart from exercise, sleep reduces cancer risk in women.

Good sleep also reduces your chances of obesity and ultimately sleep apnea.

Check here for my sleep recommendations on how to sleep well.

My Recommendations.
You probably are a single mom and trying to make ends meet and so you have to work shifts, and sometimes you even take extra shifts for the extra bucks .

Doing this might actually put your body system in a dire condition.

If you work shifts your melatonin production might be abnormal because you try as much as possible to catch much sleep before the next shifts starts.

Irregular sleep patterns and stress compromises your immune system and also puts you at a high risk of developing cancer.

If you have to work shifts and you can’t sleep at night you might want to take it easy.

Irregular sleep patterns might probably lead to insomnia. Try taking the right melatonin dosage depending on your age. For more information on melatonin and hormone supplements and it’s use as a sleep aid to regularize your sleep pattern, check my melatonin supplements page.

Where Can I Buy Melatonin?

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