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Melatonin Dosage

Find the right dosage for Jet Lag, Insomnia whether for Children or Adults

Your Melatonin Dosage should not exceed 3-5mg for adults and 2mg for children.

In rare cases some people have taken over 20mg with no visible melatonin side effects. This does not mean you should do the same, seeing that melatonin is a hormonal drug and the side effects could take years to appear.

The truth is that there is no safe or unsafe dosage for melatonin. It’s like they say different strokes for different folks. The general belief though is that normal doses should range between 0.3- 5 mg and should be taken just before bedtime. If this does not work for you, try taking the supplement earlier in the evening for a better effect.

You should not use melatonin supplements for long term purposes. You should avoid using it during the day as this can causes drowsiness or give you a hang over effect.

There is no straightforward path to melatonin dosages, so all you can do is to be careful how you use it. Start with small doses just before bed and watch the results. If you wake in the morning feeling groggy or drowsy you should lower the dosage and if you did not sleep well as you had anticipated, then you should up your dosage a little. The secret is to find what works for you and stick to it.

If you have serious health problems such liver problems or nerve disorder you should not use melatonin supplements without seeking a doctor’s consent. The same principle goes for pregnant women and young children.

Melatonin supplements sold in the market are mainly synthetic but some are made from animal pineal gland especially sheep or cows. You should avoid these types because they could contain viruses or other unknown contaminants.

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When choosing a melatonin supplement to buy, pick from a trusted manufacturer. You could look out for the USP symbol as it proves that the supplement contains the right amount of ingredients in the right proportion.

Melatonin and Children’s Dosage.
As you may already know, children are more sensitive to drugs than adults and children usually take smaller doses of drugs. The same principle applies in giving your child melatonin. The general rule is 0.3 mg/day, though there is presently no research to prove that a higher dose of about 5-10 mg has any side effects on children under 15. I have heard reports some years back of seizures occurring on children that were administered about 5-10mg of melatonin.

Melatonin and Adults Dosage.
You may be using melatonin for a different reason than I am. The dosage you use is determined by what you have.

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