Melatonin for Insomnia; Treatment and Dosage Information for Infants and Adults.


I use melatonin for insomnia, but sometimes it is really not as effective as other otc sleeping pills. Lets talk more on the facts, benefits and dosage.

My typical dosage is 3mg, 1 hour before bedtime. There are some nights I just cant find sleep so I take about 5-6 mg per night. Some folks find sleep with just about 0.1-0.3mg. My counsel is this; try 3mg per night for a start and if you still cannot sleep properly after 3 nights, increase your dosage to 5-6mg 1 hour before bedtime.

Why 1 hour you may ask? You would want your body to assimilate the supplement and 1 hour or so is the ideal time for that to happen. If you take the ideal dosage for your body system, you should start having a restful night sleep in no time.

Another reason you might want to take melatonin is jet lag. If you jettison around the world, you understand that your body’s clock can get wacky and this comes with a lot of symptoms, the least being insomnia or delayed sleep phase syndrome. Melatonin supplements can be used to get your body clock to work well again but you need to get the right dosage. One system that has worked is to take 0.5-5mg once your arrive at your destination.

Where Can I Buy Melatonin?

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