Melatonin for Kids with Autism, ADHD and Sleep problems.

Melatonin for Kids with Autism, ADHD and Sleep problems.

Melatonin for kids withsleep problems is a hot topic right now. Though it might seem that most parentsgive their kids melatoninsupplements for sleep with their doctor’s consent, there are somedissenting voices.

Let me present the facts.

70% of kids with Autismsuffer from sleep problems.
There have been studies toobserve the effect of melatonin on kids with autism and adhd. At the Sleep Disorders Center at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, eleven kids with autism were randomly picked andadministered liquidmelatonin. 4 to 10 of the kids fell asleep more quickly and there werelittle or no side effects.

There are continuedefforts by research scientist to discover how melatonin can help kids with autism and adhd sleep better.

The results of most of thestudies so far have been positive and have shown the effectiveness of melatoninsupplements in helping neurologically disabled kids sleep.

Here is my page, for moreinformation on melatoninand children’s sleep problems. Here is my page for melatoninand adhd issues.

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