My ambien story

by Rich
(Wheaton IL)

For as long as I can remember, I have had trouble falling asleep. When I was a child, after everyone else had gone to bed, I would be up writing on the walls (my mother was none too crazy about that).

My insomnia continued into my adult life, causing daytime sleepiness and lack of production, sometimes causing me to call in sick just to catch up on my sleep.
A few years ago, I told my doctor about this and he prescribed Ambien. The dosage was low (10 mg)and he said I could double the dose should I need to. I tried it, and at first it seemed like a miracle drug. Take the dose, less than half an hour later, boom, out like a candle snuffed. However, I soon discovered two problems. The first is that you absolutely need to take Ambien at least eight and a half hours before you wake up. Any later, and you will be sleepy and groggy the whole next day. This leads to a quandary: if you take it as needed, then you only take it when you can't fall asleep. And by the time you figure out you can't fall asleep, it's too late to take it. Second problem with Ambien is that you do build up a resistance to it. After about two weeks, the dose you would normally take to make you sleep just does not work anymore. So Ambien is not an every-night sleep aid.
So I still take Ambien perhaps two or three times a week and it still works, but there are limits to its effectiveness.

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