Natural snoring Remedy.

Easy steps to cure snoring tonight!

A Natural Snoring Remedy involves lifestyle changes and habits you can adopt to help stop your snoring.

Natural Snoring Remedy

The truth is that snoring can be caused and encouraged by very wrong habits and sometimes even the snorer does not know that such habits can make his or her snoring worse.

Below are my Top Natural Snoring Remedies Recommendation.

  1. Stop Smoking.

Smoking causes nasal congestion and mucous in the throat. This causes blockage and induces snoring. Even if you must smoke don’t do it late in the evening or late at night.

  1. Alcohol.

Taking Alcohol just bedtime relaxes the throat muscles and narrows your passage thereby inducing snoring.

  1. Sleeping Position.

Snoring Sounds can be caused by your tongue falling back into your throat and rubbing against your upper palate and vulva.

Your tongue falling back will only happen if you sleep on your back. Sleep doctors recommend that the best sleep position for snorers is the side position. This is a very effective natural cure for snoring.

  1. Raise your Head.

It is also advised that you use a strong pillow to wedge and raise your head as this allows for a free flow of air.

  1. Loose some Fat.

Being overweight increases the chances of snoring by 100%. The muscles of your neck and inner throat become so soft and cause constrictions in the flow of air. Try to loose some weight and you will see improvements with your snoring.

  1. Snoring Pillow.

There are pillows specifically built to aid snorers. These pillows are constructed in such a way that your neck, head, shoulder and jaw is positioned so as to minimize snoring. Snoring pillows have a high success rate and can be used by anyone. See my Snoring Pillows page to learn more about the types of snoring pillows and how to choose one.

  1. Dairy Products.

Avoid void Dairy Products before going to bed. Like smoking they build up mucus in your throat and ultimately induce snoring.

  1. Inhale Steam.

Snoring is caused by congestion or constriction. Steam can help you release this. You can use steam vaporizers. If you do not have one you can also hold your head over a bucket of hot water with a towel over your head.

  1. Nasal strips.

These are devices you can wear on your nose to open it wide so as to reduce the risk of snoring.

10. Stop Snoring Exercises

These are simple do it yourself exercises that help to strength your throat, neck and jaws. These exercises are very effective if you do them consistently they can stop your snoring naturally. Snoring Exercise is the best Natural Snoring Remedy available! See my Stop Snoring Exercises Page.

There are many snoring solutions available to help you stop snoring. Check my stop snoring solutions page to find which best suits you.

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