Restless Legs Syndrome during pregnancy.

Restless Legs Syndrome during pregnancy.

p>Restless Legs Syndrome during pregnancy

Interestinglyin women who did not have RLS before they were pregnant the condition disappearsafterwards – but 26% of pregnant women suffer from RLS symptoms.

In a studyconducted on pregnant and postpartum women a structured questionnaire wasdistributed by physicians who were sleep therapy experts. Questions included details of mother and baby, and RLS symptoms ateach stage of pregnancy and after the baby was born. RLS sufferers wereinterviewed on the telephone at stages of one, three and six months afterbirth.

77%of the 606 women reported reduced sleep quality in pregnancy. Out of these 161reported RLS and 101 of these (17%) had never had it before. 24% experienced RLS symptoms at least once aweek and 15% at least three times a week. Symptoms increased in severity as thepregnancy progressed especially in the later months and this was especially soin the women who had never had RLS previously. The symptoms reduced afterdelivery and by six months completely disappeared in women who had not sufferedRLS before their pregnancy.

Reference M Manconi et al. Restless legs syndromeand pregnancy. Neurology 2004 63: 1065-1069.

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