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share your sleep disorder stories

You can share your sleep disorder story with someone out there who suffers from one sleep problem or the other. Sleep Disorders can be frustrating and we all need help from each other.

Yes,you can help.

Do you have a Sleep Disorder Story?

Do you have a great story about your sleep problems? Share your story, and let others see how you overcame your sleep problems.

Enter Your Title (ex, How overcame Idiopathic Insomnia)

Other Sleep Disorder Stories

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My Sleep Disorder Story (Page 2) 
I prefer taking melatonin or tryptophan to 5 mg of Ambien I have been prescribed. But...Melatonin gives me horrible nightmares and I always wake up screaming. …

My Sleep Disorder Story (Page 1) 
When I was diagnosed with insomnia, I was given all kind of medication. At the time I decided to take meditation classes and I found them to help relax …

My Sleep Disorder Story (Page 3) 
I'm a sales man for a water filter company, for the past 6 yrs. i travel a lot and within time zones and over the years this gas created a problem for …

ADHD Sleep Disorders - ADHD Insomnia 
People that ADHD think that they have some ADHD sleep disorders or they may call it ADHD Insomnia. Basically, they can't get to sleep. …

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