Sleeping Aids - Trying Different Remedies

by Danielle
(New York, USA)

When I was young, I was a terrible sleeper. I suffered from insomia - I would lay awake for hours. At other times, I would fall asleep, but wake up hourly.

As I got older, my insomnia improved, but never went away entirely.

I began using Tylenol PM on nights that I had difficulty in falling asleep. They were especialy good for nights that I had insomnia AND a backache or headache. They worked if I took them and then got into bed after about 20 minutes. However, if I took the Tylenol PM and then watched TV on the couch or checked my emails, they often would not work very well. I had to work WITH them. I would have to get in bed with the lights out, and then they would work.

I tried using Avdil PM, and found them to be stronger than Tylenol PM. this was good for me, because if I took them and then got involved in other activities, I would get a little "nudge" or reminder by getting extremely sleepy and wanting to go to bed. This is deal.

I also tried Tylenol Simply Sleep, which contains the sleeping aid ingredient in Tylenol PM, without the tylenol. I figured this was good for nights that I was suffering from insomnia, but no pain. Checking the ingredients, I noticed that Tylenol Simply Sleep (dosage is one capsule) contains about twice the active ingredient than a dose (two capsules) of Tylenol PM or Advil PM. So, it is very strong. It works quite well. The only problem is that for some reason, it takes longer to kick in. For me, almost an hour.

One non-medication remedies that I found, quite by accident, is a heated gerbal neck pillow. I received as a gift one of those U-shaped neck pillows that is filled with beads or flaxseeds or something and scented with essential oils. You heat it in the microwave for a few minutes, then wear it around your neck to relieve muscle pain or stiffness. I'm not sure what kind of oils are in this pillow (I know lavendar is the main one), but between the heat and the scent, if I lie down while wearing this, I'm a goner (in a good way).

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