Stop Teeth Grinding Sleep naturally in Adults, Children and Babies

One of the common questions I receive from my visitors is, “How do I Stop Teeth Grinding?

From my years of experience with people with bruxism I will make some recommendations that have worked for almost all the people I have interacted with over the years.

<p><em>“I found this <strong><a href=bruxism solution about a year and half ago. I have come to recommend it with tremendous success rate.

I have a little cousin who once had this problem but after I introduced his mom to TMJ Bruxism Cure, he was able to free himself after 6 years of bruxism. (If you are interested in the solution that helped him, here is the page for what he used. TMJ Bruxism Cure)”

Ok, back to the core of this write up.

First, I recommend you read my page on teeth grinding causes to give you a basic overview on the causes of bruxism and determine how to approach your own case.

I have categorized stop teeth grinding solutions in two on this page.

  1. Orthodox and
  2. Holistic Solutions

Orthodox Treatments

Meet the Dentist: Book an appointment with your dentist and ask for a thorough examination. dentist Your dentist could also file down any high spots in your teeth that are most susceptible to teeth grinding.

I cannot thoroughly predict how your doctor will tackle your case but he might also recommend a custom fit teeth guard. Did

I hear you ask, What’s a teeth grinding guard? Read on. . .

teeth grinding guard: This is one of the common solutions to Teeth Grinding. I love to call it TGG, some people call it a Night Guard.

teeth grinding guard

It is a device you wear on your teeth to withstand the motion of the grinding. Your dentist can make a custom version just for you.

The reason I advice this is so you can get a perfect fit for your dentition.

There are also TGG’s you can buy and use instantly. They are quite effective and some of my readers have used them with good results. Check my page on teeth grinding guard for a review on the best in the market today.

Holistic Solutions

Most Dentists will tell you that teeth grinding is partly a neurological condition and thus it’s treatment should be approached from that perspective and thus treat the underlying problem. The following treatments are meant to tackle the “underlying problem”.

yoga and teeth grinding Meditation

First, you must learn to relax. Relax. I recommend yoga exercises.

This has helped my readers in the past. The cause of Bruxism in most cases is neurological which is the underlying cause.

You can use meditation to help you relax and reduce the possibility of having a bruxism episode. I especially recommend Yoga.

alcohol insomnia

Alcohol and Caffeine

I advice that you avoid taking alcohol or caffeine 4-5 hours before sleep.

These liquids put you in a hype state and can cause teeth grinding when you sleep.

I have given this same advice to a number of my readers and some of them have taken this advice and have noticed an improvement with their bruxism.

stress management classes

Stress Management Classes

As a long term solution, I advice you take stress management classes. Why? They can really help you focus your mind and calm your being. Most of us are very busy and live very hectic lives.

Whether you are a mother of 3 or a bank manager you will need to manage stress effectively so it will not affect your entire life. Research has shown that about 45 % of people who have bruxism live very stressful lives.

Work Less. Play More. Enjoy life.

jaw exercises teeth grinding

Jaw Exercises

There are series of exercises you can undertake to alleviate the tension in your jaw. Surprisingly a lot of these exercises are pretty effective for people with light bruxism.

Below is a video I found on Youtube that shows you practical exercises for your jaw. Try them before sleep time and send me a mail here to tell me how the exercises worked for you.

I will also give you extra exercises if you need it.

Finally, Bruxism is very treatable. Trust me, you have to start treatment as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait till your denture is ruined and that smile is damaged.

How to Stop Teeth Grinding in Babies

baby teeth grinding

Bruxism is fairly common amongst babies aged 6 months and above.  Some babies might just be doing this as a reaction from teething, an earache, breathing problems or even allergies.

There have also been cases of babies with pinworms experiencing teeth grinding.

Your baby will outgrow this problem on it’s own if there is no underlying discomfort or illness. If there is a illness like the ones mentioned above, you need to see your pediatrician for treatment options such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Stop Teeth Grinding in Children

Most kids start grinding at about 3 and outgrow the habit by 6 years. Sometimes 5 year olds might develop bruxism, when they start developing their permanent teeth.

If you have a older kid or a teenager experiencing grinding, it’s a sign of anxiety or stress. I recommend you try TMJ Cure as it helped my little cousin cure his bruxism.

Lastly, your child might develop this as a habit from you or family member who grinds during sleep.

Kids learn fast.

Wanna Stop Teeth Grinding Naturally?

<p>To do this, I  recommend you try this product, <strong><a href=TMJ No More.

I first came across TMJ Cure about a year and half ago. A friend recommended it to one of my readers who had been battling with how to stop teeth grinding for 9 years and in 3 weeks the nightmare was over. She even ended up recommending it to her dentist.

I then recommended to my little cousin and she is free now.

I have referred my readers to this program for about a year now and they have come back with fantastic results!!! You must have noticed that I put this as my last recommendation because I want to make sure you try some of the recommendations above first.

Those of you, who know me, know that I am not the type to recommend solutions but this is an exception.

This guy has done such a thorough work on this subject that the results speak for themselves. Read the testimonials yourself.

I even decided to personally purchase the product before giving it out to my readers and though I am a hard man to impress, I was impressed.

If you are looking for a solid solution to this problem, I recommend you download TMJ Cure E-book and carefully follow it’s instructions.


It costs $49 and you get access to the program and e-book instantly.

I am interested in helping you follow through with treating your teeth grinding.

I want you to leave a message on my sleep disorders question page and I will personally respond to any question you have on how to stop teeth grinding or other sleep problems.

Don’t forget send me a report on your experience with the solutions listed on this page. I will be waiting to hear from you.

tmj cure ebook

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