Teeth Grinding Guards

Teeth Grinding Guards

TeethGrinding Guards come in different shapes, brands and sizes. Finding the rightone for you might be tough.

I decided toput a page to review the best teeth grinding guards available in the markettoday.

Every NightGuard listed on this page have been picked based on 3 criteria.

  • Consumer Review
  • Market Popularity and
  • Features

I am listingthe night guards in this review from the best of the best to the just good.

This doesnot mean that better teeth guards do not exist. It simply means that I amlisting the best here based on 9 weeks of research and customer review.

In the endyou still hold the power to purchase which you feel is best for you.

This review alsocontains links to product pages where you can buy each one at the best discountprice.

Lets getdown to business.

1st Place

Dental Hygiene Preferred CompleteDay/Night Mouth Guard Kit

This seemsto be everyones favorite night guard.

Product Features

  • It can be used both in the day and atnight
  • It comes with 2 guards, large andsmall for excellent fitting
  • Comes with a professional fitted casefor preservation
  • Boil and Bite Technology
  • Unisex and suitable for children 12years and above.
  • Money Back Guarantee
Thisnightguard seems to be the best in the marketaccording to popularity with consumer.


  • Does not have the gelled-kerosene-likeflavor of dentist made molds.
  • You can re-boil a number of times,incase you dont get it fitted the first time.


  • If you are looking for a very thinnight guard, this might not be for you.

Read Dental Hygiene Preferred Complete Day/Night Mouth Guard KitConsumer Reviews here.

Here is the Dental Hygiene Preferred CompleteDay/Night Mouth Guard Kit product detail Page.

2nd Place

SleepRight Standard Select Night Guard, Original (No Flavor)

This is the 2ndbest.

Product Features

  • No need for boiling. Instant Use.
  • One Size fits All
  • Can be used for TMJ Treatment Also


  • Can be used to treat TMJ
  • No need to boil
  • Single size Fits everyone.


There doesntseem to be any.

Read Sleep Right Slim Comfort Dental Guard AmazonReviews here.

Here is the SleepRight Standard Select Night Guard, Original (No Flavor)productdetail Page.

3rd Place

The Doctor's Night Guard Advanced Comfort

This is the3rd best.


  • Very Light.
  • 2 Layer Fitting and Design. Soft Upper Layer. Hard Lower Layer.
  • Very Flexible Arch.


  • Sturdy Container
  • Well flavored


  • Nothing Notable

Read The Doctor's Night Guard Advanced ComfortAmazon Reviews here.

Here is the The Doctor's Night Guard Advanced Comfortproduct detail Page.

Other VeryGood Teeth Grinding Guards.

Night Guard, Small

SleepRight Standard Select Low Profile Night Guard, Mint

SleepRight Adjustable Low-Profile Night Guard - Mint

The Doctor's Night Guard Classic

DenTek Comfort Fit NightGuard

Teeth Grinding Book

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