The Most Innocent Solution Works the Best!

by Catherine

I have had a long experience with sleep aids, and been dealing with insomnia for over 20 years. I think that I have tried everything on the market and had no success until recently. Lunesta did not work. Nuerontin did not work.

I was given Ambien. That medication is frightening! I would wake up the next day confused, not remembering the night before. Many times I would find out that I had been up and doing crazy things and talking complete nonsense to my family. I have woke up my daughter before and asked her about doing a photo book in the middle of the night and do not remember it.

I have had wonderful luck though with Tylenol P.M. and Sleepytime Herbal tea. I use both of those together and I am able to fall asleep pretty quickly and get into a restful sleep. Two Tylenol PM and one or two cups of Sleepytime Herbal tea are all it takes. It is safe for even children, although I would follow the dosing instructions on the Tylenol PM bottle for children under 12. I wake up the next morning rested and alert, not hung over and confused.

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