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Ultimate Sleeping Luxury for Guests

You spend about one third of your life sleeping, so is it any wonder that the quality of your mattress has a large impact on your health and day-to-day life? If you are looking for the best night's sleep and all the benefits that it can bring to you, look into getting a memory foam mattress for your bed - and those of your family members.


Where did they come from?


Memory foam shapes itself to your body's natural position, then returns to its original makeup within minutes of when you get out of bed, meaning that it will be ready for another good night's sleep. It was first developed by NASA for aircraft cushion safety. It was then used in medical environments where it drastically decreased the incidence of pressure sores and gangrene on patients on bed-rest, by alleviating pressure on bones and joints.


How can they help?

Now, most of us won’t be using our mattress in the hope to alleviate pressure sored, but the same qualities that make memory foam so good for hospitals can greatly aid you in getting higher-quality, more restful sleep.


Pressure on parts of your body during sleeping can cause pain and stiffness that will not only wake you in the middle of the night, and mean that you need to adjust your position, but can leave you stiff and uncomfortable in the morning. A memory foam mattress can help you gain a full night's uninterrupted sleep, leaving you fresh and awake during the day.

Another benefit is that they don’t suffer from a build-up of dust mites and mildew as much as normal mattresses. This means that they can be a god-send for those with asthma and allergies. These people can suffer from poor sleep due to these allergens triggering attacks.


Are they a sign of luxury?

When you have visitors come to stay with you, the most important thing that you can give them, as a host, is a good comfortable sleep. You can be sure that they will settle in for one of the most relaxing and luxurious nights of their life with the right bed and mattress.


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