Wellbutrin Insomnia

Wellbutrin Insomnia

How long will you let it last?.

You may have what people call wellbutrin insomnia when you experience insomnia as a result of taking the anti-depressant Wellbutrin(bupropion). 

Thedrug itself is intendedfor people suffering depression.  TakingWellbutrin, either in immediate release (IR), sustained release (SR) orextended release (ER) forms ensures that the patient’sneurotransmitters(brain’s chemical messengers) are active and are ableto relay messages toother nerves.  The brain thus becomeshighlyactive affecting cognition, apathy, tiredness and other executivefunctions.  The increased activity of thebrain resulting from takingthe drug makes it highly effective againstdepression but it results ininsomnia and reduced sleep efficiency, especiallywhen ingested atbedtime. 

Since depression is already one cause of insomnia,takingthe Wellbutrin drug increases a patient’s chances ofexperiencinginsomnia.  You thus need to make adecision whether tocontinue taking Wellbutrin for their depression (which somesay is apretty effective treatment) and simply manage the insomnia that mayoccur as a side effect.  Visiting yourdoctor is advisable if you want alesser dosage if the insomnia becomesunbearable.

Wellbutrin can keep you awake

Wellbutrininsomnia may be considered as transient insomniabecause you experienceinsomnia only while under the influence of themedication.  Once thedepression is curedand you no longer need to take the drug, then theinsomnia goes away.  However, it may be difficult to differentiateifyou’re experiencing the insomnia primarily because of the depression orifit’s a result of the medication.  Theonly thing to do is to treatit and manage it.

Managing wellbutrin insomnia is practically thesame astreating regular insomnia.  Insomnia iseasily set off becausethere are a number of factors that have the capacity tochange yoursleeping habits and patterns. It not only pertains to difficulty ingetting to sleep but also affectsyour ability to sleep continuouslythrough the night and to wake up feeling refreshedand well-rested. Though it is initiallytriggered by the drug wellbutrin, it may beaggravated even more by othersimple yet extenuating factors.

In order not to be aggravated by the induced wellbutrininsomnia, you need to be aware of the other causes of insomnia.You need to avoid added stress because itwill only set your mindthinking and with the added effect of the Wellbutrin,you really won’tbe able to sleep at all.Try to avoid drinking caffeinated drinksbefore going to bed.An overload of caffeine raises your activitylevel too.Always make sure that yoursleeping environment iscomfortable and relaxing so that everytime that youenter your bedroom,you will immediately feel at ease and you can feel yourmind slowingdown and getting ready to sleep.It helps that you keep the noiselevel down and the lights dimmed andremove all other distractions likeTV’s, computers and videos from the room soyou won’t be tempted toengage in these kinds of activities before going tobed.

Thebest thing that you can do for yourself is to adhere toa regularsleeping pattern and schedule.You need to sleep at the same timeevery night and wake up the same timethe next morning.This willconditionyour body clock to remember the kind of sleeping schedulethat’s conducive fortreating insomnia.Try to create anightlyritual, like having a warm bath before going to bed, reading a bookuntil you get sleepy, listening to soft music to calm your senses andthen onlylie down on the bed when you’re really feeling sleepy.Thatway, your body will recognize your lyingdown as a signal for sleeping.

Youmust exercise extreme caution when you consider imbibingalcohol orother sleeping aids in order to get you to fall asleep especiallywhenyou’re already taking Wellbutrin.Mixing different substances togetheris extremely dangerous and mayresult in fatality.If it’s at allpossible, maybe you can schedule your medication during the day so youwillhave less problems sleeping at night.Daytime is when you shouldbe active anyway so that function of thewellbutrin may be put to gooduse.

Always remember that insomnia, whether transient, chronicorinduced by wellbutrin, is easily manageable if you take the time tofind outmore about it.Feel free to ask yourdoctor to double checkyour dosage if you feel that your insomnia is gettingout of hand.Youmay need to be testedfurther if only to differentiate the cause ofyour insomnia before doctors cansuggest the proper treatment.Ifaltering your dosage doesn’t work and you feel that a change inmedication isin order, don’t hesitate to request for a change fromyour doctor.Your health and well-being is at stake andyou alwayshave to be on the lookout for better alternatives.

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